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Are you flexible when it comes to interview times?

By Lebo Nkadimeng - Manager at Farrow Consulting

Often, when we are ready to make a career move, we spend a lot of time on the internet searching for new job opportunities, connecting with peers in our industry to ask them about vacancies at their companies and applying for suitable positions through recruitment agencies. The excitement we feel when we finally receive that phone call from a Recruiter or Talent Manager to invite us for a job interview is thrilling! So the last thing you want to happen at this stage, is to not make the interview because of a miscommunication between yourself and the Recruiter / Talent Manager. It is crucial that you are clear regarding your availability when interviews are being scheduled.

Here are a few suggestions to make the process simpler….

Do your research on a company before applying for a role

Sometimes candidates only do thorough research on a company and/or a position once they have been shortlisted and invited for an interview, only to realize that they would not want to work for a specific company or the position isn’t really what they thought it was. They then find it difficult to tell the Recruiter/Talent Manager this and end up confirming the interview, only to cancel on the day, or worse still, do a no-show! Aside from reflecting badly on yourself, it makes the Recruiter/Talent Manager look unprofessional, especially if it was a panel Interview, or other candidates had to be moved around to accommodate you. More than anything it is a waste of valuable time and might ruin your relationship with your Recruiter/Talent Manager.

Commit to a specific interview date and time

Check your diary before you commit to a specific interview date and time. This is very important because you are probably not the only candidate they will be interviewing for the role. The Recruiter/Talent Manager will normally give you a few different dates and time-slots to pick from. Check your calendar and get back to the Recruiter/Talent Manager promptly. The quicker you do this, the better, so as not to lose your preferred slot to another candidate.


Life happens and emergencies come up, we know. If you have to reschedule the interview, be proactive and let your Recruiter/Talent Manager know as soon as possible, preferably at least a day before the meeting. Always keep in mind that diaries have been shuffled around to accommodate this interview, because the client liked your CV and would now like the opportunity to meet you in person. At the same time, they are also human and are generally understanding if you have to reschedule.

Also, if you are running late for the interview let the Recruiter/Talent Manager know immediately. Try to avoid this though, by planning your travel time to the meeting in advance and allowing at least 20 minutes extra for any contingencies that pop up. Remember, first impressions are everything and sloppy time-keeping is the last thing you want to be remembered for!

Pre employment assessments

If there are assessments to be completed, please complete them timeously. With many companies’ assessments are used to gage whether a candidate will be shortlisted to the next step in the process, so please allow yourself enough time to complete them, and do not wait for the last minute.

In a nutshell, keep in mind to research, commit, communicate and be respectful of everyone’s time.

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